Advantages Of Using The Robot Duct Cleaning Technology

Use of robots became quite common back in the 1980’s. They were seen in movies and on TV and found numerous applications in industry and business. They were found to increase productivity, lower labor costs and add precision to many tasks. This included using the Robots became quite popular in the 1980’s, found prevalently in business, industry and even in homes. They were featured on TV and in movies. There use was primarily to cut labor costs, increase productivity and add precision to industrial applications. They also found a niche when utilized in using the robotic duct cleaning system. systems, just new on the market, in homes and businesses.

Remember, back in 1976, when there was a big health scare that arose from hundreds of people becoming ill after attending an American Legion Convention in Philadelphia? Legionnaire’s Disease was a new threat that became widely publicized and it was later learned that the problem had originated in the convention center’s air handling system. Something in the air ducts was creating an unhealthy environment within the structure. The story made international headlines.

Air ducts need to be regularly cleaned to prevent a buildup of dirt and debris that can eventually lead to similar health problems. If the problem persists without being addressed, inhabitants of the affected building can start to exhibit symptoms such as headache, chills, fever, loss of appetite and lethargy, to name a few. Soon after this discovery members of the air duct cleaning industry started to employ the use of small robots capable of inspecting existing air duct systems. Cameras enabled them to take video footage of exactly what was hiding up there in those unseen areas. This became a great tool for educating and demonstrating to clients the nature of the problem.

But that was just the beginning. Since these machines had become so useful in identifying the problem with the help of HVAC Service Toronto, maybe they could be further adapted to help fix the problem too. And that’s just what happened.

After all, getting into an air duct to clean it was no easy feat, especially ducts with a small diameter. Pressurized air was typically employed for cleaning, with an attachment at the end of a long hose. But this set-up was kind or hit or miss, especially with all the nooks and crannies, bends and corners that air ducts often have. It was better than not cleaning them at all, but still left a result that was less than ideal.

As a result to find a better way, a new robot was designed to perform the cleaning chores. With several rotating brushes, lights and cameras, this little remote control device becomes the ultimate cleaning machine. A remote TV viewing monitor lets the operator see in front of and behind the unit for detailed inspection. It’s a very effective system.

There is a big savings on time, labor and cost using the new technology. It’s now possible to clean all sides of a duct in a single session. They’re made to get into all the corners and around the bends with ease. Before their use, this had been a nearly impossible task to accomplish.

This is by far the most thorough and effective way to clean HVAC and other air handling systems. It’s a job well done that will soon have you breathing easier. If you want it done right once and for all, using the robot duct cleaning system is the answer.

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