Glass and Carpet Cleaning

Surface Washing Features

Even an apartment sparkling after a general cleaning will seem untidy if there are stains or dirt on the windows. Unwashed surfaces look even worse in an office, business center, store or restaurant. The same goes for the interior components of the premises. Keeping carpets clean is important not only for their attractiveness but also for your health.

Glass cleaning

It is necessary to wash windows at home, in administrative and commercial buildings at least twice a year – in autumn and spring. But this is not such an easy task as it might seem at first glance. Particular difficulties in the work process arise if the apartment or office is located on the upper floors. In such a situation, only a professional window cleaning from an aerial platform or with the help of industrial climbers will save you.

Why are clean windows so important? About 90% of the light enters the room through a clean glass; this percentage can fall by half in the case of a dirty window. Then you will have to use more artificial lighting. Especially impressive electricity bills can come to office owners, where additional lighting is required for hundreds of square meters.

How to solve window cleaning problems?

The use of suitable detergents and accessories can significantly reduce window cleaning time. High-quality, specialized liquid preparations will quickly cope with various contamination types, and there is no need to clean twice. 

Demanding housewives, as well as residents of areas with high air pollution, should pay attention to modern technology for cleaning windows. The washing robot will allow you to forget about polishing your windows all the time. The automatic design allows you to do your housework with peace of mind and clean windows as often as required.

By ordering professional Vancouver window cleaning, you will significantly save your time. Professional window cleaners have all the necessary knowledge and equipment to remove even the most serious pollution. This is especially true for multi-storey buildings, where cleaning windows yourself can be dangerous.

Carpet cleaning

Clean carpets are a guarantee of comfort and coziness in the house. In addition to the aesthetic component, such products are also responsible for the safety of being in the room. There are many germs and bacteria in carpets, so their freshness and cleanliness should be your top priority.

Dry cleaning of carpets is a procedure that consists of thoroughly cleaning floor coverings, removing stains from the surface, and various kinds of dirt. There are two cleaning options – dry or wet, depending on the type of material and contamination level. This service is performed both at the client’s home and in dry cleaning when cleaning companies pick up the carpets.

For commercial carpet cleaning, a complex method of wet cleaning is used, consisting of several operations. First, the cleaner wipes a foamy cleaning solution into the pile, then performs the primary removal of moisture along with dust and dirt, and finally carries out deep cleaning. The sequence of operations, the selection of chemicals and tools for carpet cleaning Brampton, is formed only after a careful examination of the product, determining the degree of pollution, and the stains’ nature on the coating.

If we talk about which is better – dry cleaning or washing carpets, then here you should start with the type of pollution and the material from which the product is made. The dry cleaning option will become an urgent solution if you need to refresh the carpet in a short time. For example, this is the best option for offices, a children’s room. Also, dry cleaning is suitable for the treatment of antique, high-value coatings. Removing dirt by this method is suitable for materials that contain woollen or silk threads. Their treatment with aggressive reagents is simply not allowed.

When ordering carpet cleaning, do not forget about sofa cleaning, because the furniture also contains a lot of dust and harmful particles. 

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