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Drain blockages are major domestic problems that cause difficulties in private housing and large industrial buildings. Sewer pipe clogging is a natural process that occurs over time in almost every facility. You can influence the degree of blockage, but at least once every few years, cleaning the sewer pipes is necessary, both in a private house, in an apartment and a large shopping center. However, it is important to remember that every system requires timely preventive maintenance. This procedure will allow avoiding emergencies, reducing the cost of maintaining the network since post-emergency work costs will be eliminated.

No matter how often we monitor the pipes and use household chemicals. Your drains still need periodic cleaning. How often do you call drain cleaning services to eliminate problems with your plumbing system? Maintenance of sewerage and plumbing system includes a wide range of services that improve their functioning quality, increase the networks’ service life, and prevent premature failure. This is a responsible and time-consuming process that requires a professional approach. All plumbing jobs must be done by a professional plumber from a plumbing repair service.

Causes of blockage

Everything is clear with the kitchen sink. The blockage causes can be small debris, which gradually builds up in some place of the pipe. But the garbage itself cannot do this. For it to start to build up, sticky material is needed. Fats and oils usually play their role. That is why all experts say that only installing a grease trap can prevent blockages in the sewage system. Oil plugs can be dealt with in several ways. It all depends on the thickness of the accumulated layer in which debris has already begun to collect. 

As for the sink and bathtub, the reasons for the formation of blockages in them are soap and hair. The most unpleasant type of clogging because it can only be removed mechanically until the hair is removed from the pipe. It should also be noted that soap combined with other garbage creates a very durable cork, which is not easy to get rid of.

And the last plumbing fixture where a blockage can form is the toilet. True, problems are rare here, but it also happens. Even a large piece of poor quality toilet paper can be the cause. But since the flush toilet structure has a diameter of at least 100 mm, the problem is solved quickly.

Call the professional 

During the operation of the pipe, its inner surface gradually overgrows, and productivity decreases. This decrease in productivity entails emergencies, and as a result – waste of energy and resources. Often, enterprises change overgrown and clogged pipes, although it is economically sensible to restore its throughput instead of replacing it. If the line is clogged with construction debris, household waste, then cleaning is quite suitable. Moreover, the appearance of drain blockages is only a matter of time and does not depend on the quality of system operation. The more deposits inside the pipes, the slower the water passes through the pipes, and the faster they become clogged. Simultaneously, the sediments rot, forming an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, which significantly impacts the quality of water and samples taken. To eliminate troubles, it is recommended to carry out preventive cleaning of external sewer systems regularly.

Problems with the use of a sewer line are frequent. Nowadays, many different chemicals have appeared to improve the quality of washing and improve house cleaning, dishwashing, and other chemical compounds. But all these detergents end up in the sewer pipes and settle on the pipe walls in the form of deposits. Other substances also settle – these are fat, various undissolved salts. All this crystallizes and, over time, can entirely clog the pipe. Such a blockage in the line cannot be removed with a cable. For this, you need special plumbing tools.

The cost of cleaning sewer pipes depends directly on the system, the blockage’s complexity, and other individual performance characteristics.

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